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What Is TMJ Disorder?

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Your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is responsible for the movement of your jaw, playing a large role in chewing, speaking, and other important functions. When this joint becomes impacted, it’s known as TMJ Disorder (TMD).

Signs of TMJ Disorder

Cortland, OH

TMD affects more than just your bite alignment, often resulting in a wide range of debilitating symptoms. Some of the most common symptoms we treat include:

Treating TMJ Disorder

The symptoms of TMD can last for years without treatment. That’s why Dr. Joseph Bedich offers several options to help alleviate your pain, depending on the severity of your disorder. For mild cases, he’ll recommend home treatment methods such as stretches, warm compresses, and anti-inflammatory medications. If your jaw pain is more severe, Dr. Bedich can customize a mouthguard for you to wear while you sleep. This prevents you from grinding or clenching your teeth overnight, one of the largest contributors to TMD. He may also suggest BOTOX® injections to help your muscles relax and relieve the tension in your jaw. These injections can be administered every few months, as needed.

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