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Laser Dentistry in Cortland, OH

At the Center for Progressive Dentistry, our team is dedicated to investing in the latest technology to provide superior dental care. Our laser dentistry services, featuring the All-Tissue Dental Laser, elevate dental treatments for enhanced comfort and practicality. FDA-cleared for hard and soft oral tissues, this versatile laser minimizes discomfort and often requires little to no anesthesia. Waterlase, a patented dental technology using focused light energy and water, transforms dental experiences into gentle procedures at our Cortland, OH, office.

Waterlase Laser Treatment in Cortland, OH

The Waterlase Laser brings several advantages, such as less pain, quicker healing, reduced trauma to teeth and gums, and diminished need for anesthesia. It allows comprehensive mouth treatment in one visit, eliminating referrals and specialist visits. Waterlase Dentistry turns dental care into a more relaxed experience for our patients.

Our laser technology can help you with the following conditions:

  • Reduced Bleeding: Waterlase minimizes bleeding during dental procedures, promoting a more comfortable experience.
  • Maximized Comfort: Enhancing patient comfort, Waterlase reduces the need for local anesthetic, sparing you from injections.
  • Faster Appointments: Waterlase enables multiple-phase treatment in one sitting, making appointments more efficient.
  • Less Need for Local Anesthetic – No Injections!: Experience dental care with minimal to no injections, thanks to Waterlase technology.
  • Multiple-Phase Treatment in One Sitting: Waterlase streamlines the treatment process, addressing multiple aspects in a single visit.
  • Minimized Need For Specialty Referrals: Waterlase's versatility often eliminates the necessity for referrals, simplifying your dental care journey.

What are the Benefits of Laser Dentistry?

Some of the many benefits Waterlase Dentistry can offer our patients include:

  • Improving Your Smile: Waterlase Dentistry refines gum contours, enhancing your smile by safely removing excess gum tissue and correcting tooth size or shape irregularities.
  • Cavity Treatment: Waterlase Dentistry efficiently treats cavities without the discomfort of dental drills, removing decay and reducing bacteria with the potential to be performed without anesthesia
  • Removing Oral Growths: Waterlase Dentistry facilitates the swift and safe removal of oral growths and excess tissue, including gum tissue over unerupted teeth, papilla tags, and fibromas
  • Treating Periodontal Disease: Combat periodontal disease with Waterlase Dentistry by removing debris and bacteria between teeth and gums, addressing issues like bleeding, gum recession, and tooth loss
  • Fixing "Tongue Tie" and Preventing Gum Recession: Waterlase Dentistry releases restrictive connections affecting tongue movement or causing gum recession. This minimally painful procedure aids with speech impediments and improves latching for infants
  • Safe Pediatric Dentistry: Waterlase Dentistry provides a safe and painless option for treating cavities in children, reducing discomfort and eliminating the need for multiple shots. It is also beneficial for performing frenectomies and tongue ties, promoting faster healing and less trauma for both the child and parents.

Learn More About Laser Dentistry in Cortland

Discover the comfort, efficiency, and effectiveness of laser dentistry treatments at The Center For Progressive Dentistry. Call us today to explore how laser dentistry can enhance your dental treatment experience.

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