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CEREC® Crowns

In Cortland, OH

Traditional crowns typically take three weeks to place from consultation to completion. From goopy impressions to multiple visits, the entire process can be uncomfortable and inconvenient. Fortunately, we specialize in making your visits more relaxing and comfortable.

What is a Cerec® Crown?

Cortland, OH

Dr. Joseph Bedich offers CEREC® same-day crowns to busy patients who need cosmetic dentistry in Warren, Ohio. CEREC® crowns are designed, manufactured, and permanently placed in a single visit. Benefits include:

How is a CEREC® Crown Placed?

Dr. Joseph Bedich will examine your affected tooth and remove any decay. Your tooth will then be filed down and prepared, similar to a traditional crown fitting. A digital photo is taken along with an optical impression that uses a powder brushed onto the teeth. This generates a 3D model of your tooth. With this information and your desired tooth shade, Dr. Bedich is able to construct a beautiful, natural-looking crown with 3D CAD software and a milling unit.

The crown is then bonded onto your tooth immediately. There is no need for a temporary crown or multiple visits. Your new crown is durable and permanent. CEREC® technology allows you to repair your smile quickly and return to your normal activities. This is an especially valuable service when the tooth is in a highly visible area.

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If you are interested in improving your smile with time-saving CEREC® Crowns in Cortland, OH, call our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Bedich. We offer sedation dentistry and financing options to ensure that you can relax and enjoy your new smile.

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