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Meet our new office puppy, Loki! Loki is a Havanese puppy; the sweet, black and white puppy pictured below. For the first time in a long time, Dr. Bedich and Robin were without a dog, and wanted our grandkids to have a dog in our lives. We also look forward to Loki's many visits to The Center for Progressive Dentistry to meet our wonderful patients!

Loki will arrive to our home in early May and will be soon enrolled in various training programs, including training to be our in-office therapy dog! When Loki becomes certified as a therapy dog, he will be available to help patients feel comfortable during their visits to our Cortland dental office.

When Loki visits, he'll be here to greet patients with some puppy love and offer the many benefits of a therapy dog, including stress reduction, anxiety relief, and enhanced relaxation from the support of a furry friend!

Loki will be happy to keep patients company, but our therapy dog services will never be mandatory. Patients who do not feel comfortable around dogs can always complete their visit without any contact with Loki. Our primary focus at The Center for Progressive Dentistry is always providing the best possible experience for you!

Want to stay updated with our newest addition to the family? Keep a lookout for Loki's visits to the office after his arrival this May, and follow along on our social media channels for all updates on our new furry friend!

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We are not contracted with Medicare or Medicaid.

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