Implant-Supported Dentures

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Implant-Supported Dentures

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Many patients come to our practice with dentures that don’t fit well. Their dentures come loose and cause trouble with speaking or prevent them from eating certain foods.

Full-Arch Replacement with Dental Implants

Cortland, OH

If this sounds familiar, Dr. Bedich wants you to know there’s a better solution for full-arch tooth loss than traditional dentures. With dental implants, he can secure a partial or full set of teeth to restore chewing function, make speaking easier, and create a beautiful smile you’ll want to show to others.

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Benefits of Implant-Supported Dentures

Traditional dentures depend on suction and may require messy adhesives to stay in place. As people who have them will tell you, they can be uncomfortable and often slip out of place, making chewing and speaking difficult. Dental implants can eliminate these issues by stabilizing a full-arch denture or partial so they function and feel more like natural teeth.

As compared to traditional dentures, implant-supported dentures:

Many of our patients who have replaced their teeth with implant supported dentures say they get their confidence back and have a renewed zest for life. They no longer avoid smiling or going to social events because they don’t worry about their dentures falling out. They can once again eat foods that may have been off limits before dental implants, such as corn on the cob and apples, and even chewing gum.

Restoration Options with Dental Implants

Dental implants are designed to replace the roots of your missing teeth and provide strong support to secure a replacement tooth on top. Implants protect your oral health in a way that other treatments can’t because of osseointegration, the process of your implant fusing with your jawbone. Using one or more dental implants as a foundation, Dr. Bedich can replace any number of missing teeth for a natural-looking restoration.

Overdentures are often used for people who have a few failing teeth left that need to be removed. We will remove the remaining teeth, place your dental implants, and attach a temporary denture during the same visit. This means you won’t have to suffer without teeth while your jaw heals after your implant procedure. We’ll secure your permanent dentures to your dental implants once healing is complete.

This full-mouth tooth replacement treatment concept utilizes four to six strategically placed implants per arch to support a specially made denture. The benefit of this process is that it allows you to have a temporary prosthetic placed the same day as your implant surgery so you can leave your appointment with a new, fully-functional set of teeth. After several months, once your implants have fully integrated into your jawbone, you’ll return to have the permanent denture attached. A minimum of four implants are necessary to support a full-arch denture. When possible, Dr. Bedich prefers to place five or six implants to provide more stability.

Snap-on dentures offer a cost-effective alternative for full-arch replacement that takes advantage of the stability of dental implants to create a functional, strong bite. These dentures are specially designed to snap onto several implants. They are secure and natural-looking, just like fixed implant dentures, but can be removed for cleaning. In most cases, four to six implants are used to support a snap-on denture.

Types of Implant-Supported Dentures

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