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Sedation Dentistry

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For some patients, the mere thought of visiting the dentist is enough to cause a panic attack. This condition is called dental anxiety and it can be very serious when it prevents someone from seeking the dental care they need.

The Center for Progressive Dentistry offers a full range of sedation options to help put you at ease throughout your visit.

Our Sedation Dentist Can Help You Overcome Anxiety

Cortland, OH

We want each and every dental patient to feel relaxed and safe at all times in our office. To help ease dental anxiety, we can offer our patients oral (conscious) sedation, laughing gas, and in more serious anxiety cases, IV sedation. All with the end goal of helping you feel comfortable in the dental chair. Explore the options our sedation dentist can utilize to help overcome your dental anxiety. 

Dental Procedures That
Often Use Sedation

Typically during routine teeth cleanings, we avoid using sedation unless it’s a patient has severe anxiety. However, sedation dentistry is quite common for longer, more intensive surgical procedures, such as placing dental implants and treating periodontal disease.

If you’re unsure whether our sedation dentist, Dr. Joseph Bedich, can provide sedation for any procedure that you’re undergoing, Dr. Bedich will be happy to answer all your questions.

For the comfort and convenience of our patients, our sedation dentist offers the following options:

Comfortable Sedation Options

Commonly referred to as “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide is a gas that you inhale through a small nasal mask. Within seconds, you’ll experience a euphoric sensation that will help you stay calm for the procedure. You’ll remain awake and responsive, though you likely won’t remember your treatment after waking.

The effects of nitrous oxide wear off almost immediately after you stop breathing it, so recovery time is very minimal.

For this method, Dr. Bedich will give you a pill to take in advance of your appointment. By the time you arrive at our office, you’ll feel relaxed and ready for treatment. Though the medication will make you feel drowsy, most patients remain awake throughout their procedure.

The effects of oral conscious sedation can take hours to wear off. Because of this, you’ll need to arrange for someone to drive you to and from your appointment.

Another option is to administer your medication intravenously at the start of your treatment. This way, Dr. Bedich can monitor and adjust your sedation level as needed, keeping you conscious and able to respond to basic requests. As with other methods, you won’t remember your treatment after waking.

Though IV sedation starts to work immediately, it can take several hours for the effects to wear off. As a result, you’ll need a ride to and from our office.

In rare cases, typically for complex procedures that take a long time to finish, we have an anesthesiologist on call who can provide deep sedation. This is the only option that actually puts you to sleep, leaving you unconscious through the duration of your treatment.

If this method is used, you’ll definitely need a ride to and from your appointment — you also may need to stay in the hospital briefly after waking to ensure the effects have worn off completely.

Explore Sedation Dentistry

with Dr. Joseph Bedich

If you’re interested in sedation dentistry, contact our practice in Cortland, OH, and schedule a consultation with Dr. Bedich. We’re conveniently located in Trumbull County, just 15 minutes from Warren.

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