May is National Stroke Awareness Month, and it is essential that patients who may be at risk of stroke learn how to address potential red flags with the condition of their body. One risk factor that could lead to an increased chance of a stroke is severe gum disease. Many studies have found a link between periodontal disease and increased chances of developing other conditions. Additionally, gum disease puts patients who already have chronic health problems at risk of developing complications. Dr. Joseph Bedich, a leading area dentist, can work with you to develop a treatment plan for gum disease in Warren, OH and help you improve your overall health as well. Here are some ways your health could be affected by gum disease.

Gums and Oral Health

For most patients, gum disease creates an immediate impact on their gums and oral health. The early stages of gum disease are characterized by sore, swollen gums, which cause discomfort when eating or speaking. Eventually, if gum disease is left unchecked, the gums may begin to recede around your teeth, leading to tooth loss.

Chronic Inflammation

Severe gum disease is a condition characterized by chronic inflammation. Some studies have shown a connection between this disorder and the risk of developing other inflammatory conditions, such as some cancers, arthritis, stroke and kidney disease.

Harmful Bacteria

Diseased gums make your mouth a prime spot for developing dangerous bacteria. There may be a link between this and the bacteria that leads to coronary artery disease.

Blood Sugar Levels

There also has been recent research that shows a strong connection between diabetes and gum disease. Patients with diabetes may have a harder time controlling their blood sugar levels if they also have periodontal disease.

Improving your health could be possible if you start by fixing the condition of your gums. If you have painful or swollen gums, call our office to get started on a treatment plan.