Having a dental crown put in is one of the most common dental procedures, but traditional crowns are inconvenient, sometimes taking as long as three weeks for the whole process to be completed.  CEREC® same-day crowns are a new way for dental crowns to be placed that eliminates the long time requirements and other uncomfortable aspects. Dr. Joseph Bedich can complete the entire process quickly and painlessly. Learn more about how simple getting a CEREC® crown put in can be.

The Benefits of Same-Day Dental Crowns

The process of getting a CEREC® crown starts in the same way as a traditional crown. The tooth is filed and prepared similarly. But then, instead of using a temporary crown over several weeks to ensure the fit is perfect, a digital 3D image is taken of your tooth and a milling unit creates a natural-looking and permanent ceramic crown. Your new crown can be placed immediately, the bonding process being fully completed in just one day. The other benefits of a CEREC® crown include:

  • Eliminate using putty for impressions.
  • Completely custom crown fitting
  • Metal-free ceramic material.
  • More comfortable and less annoying.

There is no need to return to Dr. Bedich’s office for further work. In just one quick visit, your crown is placed correctly and efficiently. The durable and strong ceramic renews the strength of your natural tooth and effectively repairs the tooth. Never spend weeks on end with a temporary crown again.

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If you are in need of a dental crown, be sure to ask Dr. Bedich about the CEREC® same-day crown. We would be happy to help you understand the whole process and how simple it really is. Contact our dental office to schedule an appointment and learn more. Take the first step toward repairing your teeth with the most convenient and beneficial answer to dental crowns.