If you suffer from gum recession in Cortland, OH, and want to enjoy a healthy, natural looking smile that you feel comfortable with, you may benefit from advanced techniques that make it fairly easy to treat the condition. Dental advancements are made every day to make treatment easier, less painful and more convenient for patients. If you lack confidence because of the way your gums look and want to improve your self-esteem, we can help.

What Is PST™?          

The Pinhole Surgical Technique™ is a state of the art development in dental care because it provides treatment of gum recession without cutting the gums. Dr. Bedich can treat multiple teeth in one visit, and this procedure is ideal for those with sensitive teeth. Typically, gum grafting was used to treat receding gums, but that technique does require cutting into the gums and suturing them closed, making for a longer, more painful recovery period. With PST™, no additional tissue is removed from the gums and a beautiful smile can be restored quickly.

Benefits of PST™

With PST™, a special tool is used to loosen gum tissue and then move extra tissue over the areas where gum tissue is missing. The teeth are held in place with collagen strips in order to ensure the area heals properly. Other benefits include:

· No swelling or bleeding

· Restoration of gums with no surgery

· Fast healing time and recovery

· Reduction of sensitive teeth

· Immediate aesthetic benefits

· Recreates a beautiful smile

· Multiple teeth can be treated at once

Receding gums can be caused by any number of things, including poor oral hygiene, genetics, a misaligned bite, piercings and genetic predisposition. Regardless of what caused your gum problems, we have a non-invasive treatment option that can help restore your beautiful smile.

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